At MyoMuscle we strive to help our members achieve their goals. As a result we’re always looking for innovative ways to encourage and motivate our gym members. Then we realised nothing brings greatness out of people quite like competition! The sense of urgency and hunger to win surface and maximum effort and progress is the result! Pushing and pushing and improving in the process. That’s why we’ve started a series of MyoMuscle Gym challenges for 2018. Every month in 2018 we’re running a MyoMuscle Gym challenge and awarding the winner. We kicked it all off with the “MyoMuscle 100 Rep Challenge”. What did it involve? The winner would be the individual who completed 100 Reps on the bench press with half of their bodyweight in the fastest time. We had a great response from all of our gym members and some crazy chest pumps in the process! Massive respect to those who got into the spirit of it all and got involved! When we initially got going the times were around the 5 minute mark until David Pennington put a time down of 2:36 and took it to a whole new level! Louis Shakespeare had his eyes on the prize though and responded by knocking off 10 seconds and recording a 2:26 to take the lead. However, the competition wasn’t over! Dave came back and matched Louis’ time of 2:26 to take joint first place. The leading time of 2:26 stood unbeaten until the final hour when Mark Savage stepped up and repped out 100 reps in just 2:02 to take the win and his free tub of MyoGRO4 V2! If you’re in County Durham and you think you’ve got what it takes to take on one of our gym challenges get yourself along to our gym in Peterlee and give it a go or even upload video evidence of your attempt on our social media pages and you too could be in with a chance of winning!

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